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Segalian Advisors was built on a foundation of remarkable individuals who bring to the table a wide array of perspectives, expertise, and methodologies within our many practice areas. But where they are unified can be found in our deep-rooted culture and dedication to surpassing our clients’ needs and delivering excellence in all of our results.

We recognize that our team represents the core model of our organization and supported by our reinvestment back into those people—the leaders that champion successful outcomes every day for all of our client engagements. And in advocacy of this principle, we offer our resources competitive compensation along with other benefits including but not limited to healthcare and professional development.

We welcome your interest to join our vibrant and diversified global team and look forward to discussing your candidature and its alignment with any of our open positions.


Segalian Advisors is an equal opportunity employer. Our employment decisions are made without regard to sexual orientation, race, age, disability, religion, national origin, or any characteristic protected by law.

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