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Segalian Advisors

Segalian Advisors is a strategic communications and foreign affairs firm that collaborates with businesses and organizations worldwide to transform, cultivate, publicize, and safeguard reputations, bolster brand equity, and deliver diplomatic outcomes. While our clients enjoy the many benefits of our personalized boutique approach, we pride ourselves on an expansive model of wider global networking of business leaders, decision-makers, government authorities, renowned scholars, analysts, and a well-established cadre of important persons of influence.


Additionally, our foreign advisory and monitoring group, managed by regional and international subject matter experts, has the prognostic ability to guide clients from forecasting to blueprinting and planning through the execution of flawless design. It is within this framework that we offer a lattice infrastructure of effective communications and dynamic digital content strategies that command compelling and resonating results.


Leadership Team


Ian Ségal, Principal

Senior Advisor and Consultant
Strategic Communications
· Public and Foreign Affairs

Ian Ségal is a dynamic health communication and public relations practitioner with over two decades of competencies honed in crafting health policy, media campaigns, and managing advocacy and patient awareness programs. Ian has designed holistic communication plans, thought leadership, and educational campaigns for a wide array of healthcare clients and partners throughout my career. 


These efforts include but are not limited to the development and execution of corporate affairs, public policy strategies, and blueprints for facilitating efficacious messaging initiatives. Additionally, Ségal continues to spearhead programs aligned to expanding therapeutic access through resource development, policymaking, and stakeholder engagement while managing consumer expectations and education diffusion around public health issues.

He has extensive experience in health and life sciences, supply chain management, government, technology, professional services, manufacturing, and finance while managing domestic and global teams across multiple sectors and disciplines, consistently exceeding client performance goals. Ian also possesses significant experience and expertise in the optimal design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance solutions supporting rapid growth with considerable budget responsibilities up to tens of millions of dollars annually.

His academic studies have been immersed in communications, information systems, writing, and public affairs at various schools, such as Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Mellon, and other academic institutions. With over two decades of experience, Ian's holistic approach has enabled organizations to achieve higher goals, streamline efficiencies, and produce favorable outcomes built upon the operational cadence that leads to success.

Core Competencies and Focus Areas

  • Advisory Consulting 

  • Business Analysis and Solutions Design

  • Cybersecurity

  • Client Relationship Management

  • Commercial Operations

  • Content Management

  • Contracts & Negotiations

  • Crisis Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Event Management

  • Healthcare Communications

  • Influence Management

  • Information Technology

  • Integrated Marketing

  • International Affairs & Global Communications

  • Lead Generation

  • Marketing (Multichannel and Omnichannel)

  • Media Relations and Advisories

  • News Reporting, Editorials, Commentaries

  • Political Management & Government Relations

  • Press Releases and Media Alerts

  • Public Affairs and Issues Management

  • Program and Product Launches

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media Communications

  • Strategic Public Relations

  • Targeting and Analysis

  • Thought Leadership

  • Writing, Editing, Publishing

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